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Financial Institutions in Kirksville

How to calculate taxes

American Trust Bank  660-665-7703
Alliant Bank  660-665-3494
Bank of Kirksville  660-665-7766
Bank Midwest  660-665-8385
NEMO State Bank  660-665-6161
U S Bank  660 - 665 - 8374
The following is an approximation from the Adair County Assessors Office.
To calculte the Approximate Tax Liability   Multiply Purchase price X 28% to calculate Assessed Valuation. Multiply Assessed Valuation X 6% Tax Rate for appromimate Tax Liability. 
Example for a property which had a purchase price of $100,000. 
$100,000 X 28% = $28,000 Assessed Valuation.  $28,000 X 6% Tax Rate = $1,680.00 annual property tax.    

Insurance Rates 

Insurance Rates for most major companies are now based on your credit score.  For an accurate rate please contact an Insurance Company of your choice.  Please give me a call if you need assistance in contacting an agent.

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